Monday, December 21, 2009

Priority #3 - It's THAT Time of Year

It is THAT time of year. While all the world is celebrating the birth of our Savior (or some pagan association with it), I am mourning my firstborn who would have turned 20 years old today. The day is both bitter and sweet. So much so, that my husband even TOLD me to blog. LOL! I am thankful that she left this world at peace with her family. We look back on our lives together as a whole family and have no regrets. There were no expressions of love left unsaid. No unfinished arguments. Just memories full of laughter and family togetherness.

My Diva has had a difficult season, but I pray that the resiliency that is characteristic of our family will be with her now and stay with her where ever she goes. I pray that she will never close her heart to love, even when the possibility of pain is present. I pray that her heart will always be soft towards the Lord and that wisdom and discernment will never depart from her.

Boy Wonder is a joy to me. He leans his head on me like he did as a baby, and then in the next moment he will gross me out by showing me a picture of a roasted guinea pig in Peru and then laugh at my reaction. He recently won 4th place in a homeschool geography bee. I'm so proud of him. I pray that the Lord will give him health, strength, and a long life. I pray that he will be the family man that his father is.

Princess Butterfly is my baby. She just turned 10 and I feel like the world has opened up for her. She'll be getting a military ID card this week. It is a rite of passage for military kids. I pray that she will learn to overcome her tendency toward disorganization. Lord knows it's still a challenge for her mama. I pray that she will be wise and discerning and not cast her pearls before swine. I pray that she will always use her gifts to bless the people of God.


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