Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Priority #2 - My Husband - Sing Unto the Lord

One of Friend Hubby and my favorite things to do together is sing. On Saturday after our garage sale, I found an old song book from a choir we sang in back in the early 1990s in Germany called the Anointed Voices.

Our head director (Friend Hubby was assistant director) had put together a booklet of our repertoire with all the lyrics. It was in a box I found in the garage that we'd kept all these years.

Some of our favorites include lyric that say things like:

"I shall wear a crown when it's all over. I'm going to put on my robe, tell the story how I made it over..."

"Are you ready? Are you ready? For the coming of the Lord!"

"Make a joyful noise all ye people. Sing a song to the Lord of His goodness, love and His mercy, sing a song unto the Lord."

"If you want to be born again, say-a-a, say-a the word!"

So many songs reminded us of our season in Germany, reminded us of what the Lord brought us through and how we are still able to be standing even today. God has been so good to us!

We started singing the songs together in the driveway. If we can sing on a cold street corner in Klatovy, Czechoslavakia, we certainly don't have a problem singing in suburban central Texas!

One thing we noted was that songs that are played on urban gospel radio stations today do not have the same themes as what we sang about then. Today's lyrics say things like:

"Let's get back to Eden, live on top of the world."

"Enough is enough, I'm taking back my stuff. I'm taking back what the devil stole from me."

"Get your inheritance."

Do you see the difference? We used to sing about HIM and HIS kingdom. Now we sing about our own kingdoms.

We have recently been attending a small fellowship of believers who are researching the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith. The more I read to my children and we have discussions about the history of the Roman festival of Saturnalia and the customs of the ancient Catholic priests of trying to win converts among the Druids by mixing some of the "old" with the "new" and how much of the "old" which never actually left, I am hungering for truth, authentic, and in it's simplest state.

Friend Hubby and I have always been on a different path than those around us. It seems as though that is where we are now as well. The only thing we can do is to keep singing and keep trusting in our Lord who is leading us into uncharted territory for us. I just know that in the churches I have attended in the past few years there is too much Me-Me-Me and not enough Him-Him-Him.

"Hallelujah, salvation and glory, honor, and power unto the Lord our God. For the Lord our God is mighty. Yes, the Lord, our God is omnipotent. The Lord our God, He is wonderful!"



P'Jean said...

Would you believe, I grew up in Japan on a military base and I know every single word to all of the songs you mentioned? I started tapping my toe...say. the word, I wanna be born again I wanna be born again lol

Deanna said...

Hello there!
Enjoyed reading this post. Understand where you are coming from.

Music is a great thing and oh how I love it.
God bless,

Emily said...

So many Christians are looking for churches that teach more of Him. We are struggling in the area of looking for a church. We are hoping to move soon, but it didn't seem healthy to stay where we are. For now, we're trying to "hide" ourselves in a great big church hoping it will give perspective. I think I need to spend more time just praising Him! :)

Mom Guide said...

I echo Emily's comments. Thank you for this timely word. Miss Ya.