Monday, May 30, 2011

Priority # 2 - My Husband - Red, White, Blue, and Green

While attending a graveside service at a Veteran's cemetery a couple of years ago where the husband and his widow were both veterans, they gave an opportunity for those who had served to salute. I was so moved to see the widow stand at attention and solute but I was even more moved because the man who stood beside me took a step away from me to make clearance so he, too, could salute. That man was my Friend Hubby. I am more than a little proud to have been married for 12 of his 20 years of service to our country in the United States Air Force. I am also thankful to have him here with me. My heart goes out to those whose veterans have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I am also so proud of our niece who is serving as well. She has had some difficult times during deployment this past year and we are so grateful to have her home.

Last night, I got bit by a green-eyed monster - JEALOUSY! Friend Hubby was invited to go fishing with a friend this morning. He has never been fishing before and was so excited to get the invitation. I confess, I was so jealous. I didn't even take off from work today. Now I'm sad that I was jealous because my computer has a virus and instead of going fishing, at the moment, he is trying to fix my computer. He is NOT a happy camper. I pray that Adonai will give me creative ideas to make his day better from this point AND pray I get my computer fixed!


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